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Car pooling

Uber – The New Wave!

Convenience has taken a whole new dimension in the transportation sector. With a smartphone, internet access, and a bank account (all of which you must have right now), you can have a driver take you anywhere you want from the exact point you are. Travis and Garrett’s troubles that snowy evening in Paris in 2008 made sure of that.
As long as you are in one of the 633 cities worldwide currently serviced by Uber, you have nothing to worry about. Whatever time of the day it is, it doesn’t matter, you are covered. You will be conveyed to your destination like the Boss that you are! In fact, you even choose what type of vehicle you want (SUV, sedan, luxury etc.). By the way, paying for the trip is as easy as it gets; no cash exchange or credit card swipes. It’s all automated and taken care of at the sign-up stage when you register your payment information along with other personal information. And, if you’re lucky to come across an occasional Uber promo code, you can also get a discount to an already dirt-cheap transportation service!
Uber, the San Francisco based company, started in 2009 and currently has over 7 million drivers and over 50 million riders; Elon Musk and Richard Branson are two of those. If it’s being a driver you are interested in, easy! You get to drive when you want and make what you need. The testimony of 87% of Uber drivers is that they drive on the Uber platform mainly because it allows them “be their own boss and set their own schedule”.
Uber operates in more than 75 countries and is valued more than 21st Century Fox, Ford, Time Warner, PayPal, and even General Motors.
Embrace the convenience!

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